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OLG’s mission is to provide customized lease solutions to multi-national companies, government agencies, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and International Governmental Organizations (IGOs) operating in developing countries and emerging markets.

OLG strives to exceed the expectations of our clients by supplying prompt and reliable information and providing effective solutions while meeting project time lines.

OLG is committed to building strong alliances that enable the Company to satisfy the individual needs for each client and their specific projects. OLG’s alliance partners provide standard ISO Certifications with specifications of the products and OLG includes these documents when applicable to the client.

OLG continues to recruit and employ qualified individuals in order to accomplish the OLG management methodology and provide the basis to build our business.

The Overseas Lease Group, Inc. (“OLG”) Cornerstone Values. Ethical morals and practices lead to the cornerstone of the OLG CREDO of values for all OLG Associates (Employees):

Commitment – OLG Associates are committed to the highest standard of ethical behavior, quality performance and service.

Responsibility – OLG Associates are responsible for their actions and to the credible nature of all actions.

Integrity – OLG Associates demonstrate the highest integrity during all business transactions with clients, alliances and with each other.

Compliance with the Law – OLG is headquartered in the United States with Associates operating in countries worldwide. All Associates adhere to United States law and local laws within the regions and countries in which they work.

Governing Company Assets – All OLG Associates are committed to keep information correct and confidential as mandated by company security policy, and adhere to accurate records management procedures including but not limited to financial records, client bids, proposals, negotiations, and OLG associates records.

OLG Ethical Business Conduct – All OLG Associates will deal impartially with its clients, suppliers, competitors and fellow Associates.

All OLG Associates must ensure all proclamations, communications, and descriptions while dealing with clients and fellow Associates are forthright, honest and correct.

Gifts, Gratuities & Entertainment – OLG prohibits the offering, attempting, soliciting, or receiving any form of bribe or kickback. Associates should immediately seek direction from the OLG Legal Counsel should they be approached with any such request. As per US law, even the receipt of this type of request is an unlawful, reportable event.

OLG also prohibits the giving of gifts, meals or entertainment regardless of the value to any US federal, state, or local government employee. Promotional items with a value no more than $20.00 USD bearing the OLG logo may be offered without violating the OLG CREDO.

There are general rules regarding gifts to federal executive agencies whereas modest refreshment items, greeting cards, and other low value items may be acceptable. In adhering to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”), OLG prohibits Associates from giving money or any items of value to any foreign official whether directly or indirectly in violation of the FCPA. All OLG Associates must familiarize themselves with the FCPA and strictly enforce all information outlined.


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